Let’s Go! Real Design Sprints to Get You Started

While we are busy preparing for our Agile Carnival day of programming at this year’s SXSW Interactive, we’d like to offer a closer look at topics featured in our panels. In the session called Let’s Go! Real Design Sprints to Get You Started, CI&T’s Head of Technology, Daniel Viveiros, will welcome Claire Shapiro to share her knowledge on the topic of Design Sprints. RSVP here!

Do you know the secret to running fast? Through years and years of training, the world’s fastest sprinters learn how to shorten their stride, keep their feet on the ground more and spend less time in the air.  In the afterglow of the 2016 Olympics, we penned an article for Forbes explaining how these same principles transform the process for innovating from one that’s typically stymied by organizational malaise to a more streamlined approach that results in new ideas that are ready to be tested within five days. This process is known as a Design Sprint.


Does this sound too good to be true? We should point out that Design Sprints aren’t silver bullets that magically turn your company into the next Google. But through a more disciplined approach to testing new ideas, Design Sprints can give your organization’s process for formulating and testing new ideas a serious shot in the arm.


On your mark, set, go!


To better understand the genius behind Design Sprints, let’s first take a look at the six concrete steps your organization can take to move ideas forward.

  1.              Understand the user needs, business need and technology capacities.
  2.              Define the key strategy and areas of focus.
  3.              Diverge by exploring as many ideas as possible.
  4.              Converge and decide on the best ideas.
  5.              Prototype.
  6.              Validate your ideas with users, stakeholders and technical experts.

Using these steps, you can focus on the most relevant problem and solve it in five days. For example, in your Design Sprints, imagine having a viable idea on day three that you’re ready to validate by day five. (Remember: Without prototyping and validating, your idea is only a hypothesis that’s never been tested.)


Design Sprints @ SXSW: Running killer sprints of any size and shape


At this year’s SXSW, we’re sponsoring a series of panel discussions on all things Agile. One of the sessions we’re particularly excited about is Design Sprints. To help you better understand how you can lead an organizational revolution in your company, Claire Shapiro, UX Program Manager at Google Play and design innovation evangelist, will give a talk on Elastic Design Sprints, where she will walk you through the necessary steps for running a killer sprint regardless of the size or complexity of your company.


Having facilitated Design Sprints around the world and taught Design Sprint methodology extensively, Claire has unique insights on issues such as cutting through the red tape, focusing on the right problem, getting everyone in the same room and so much more. And here’s the best part: Do you ever wonder how Google does what it does? Claire will give you the insider’s perspective on how Google uses Design Sprints, the challenges they’ve faced and effective strategies for keeping the train moving when your process gets stalled.


We really want to emphasize that Design Sprints aren’t just for startups. Claire will outline how they can be used in companies of any size. In fact, they sometimes work best in companies of scale. So no matter your job title or role within your organization, get your black belt (well o.k., maybe just a blue belt…but still) in Design Sprints.

And to sweeten the pot, CI&T’s very own Daniel Viveiros, Head of Technology and a Certified Google Developer Expert in Cloud Platforms, will also be there to share CI&T’s experience running Design Sprints with clients like Brazil’s Itau Bank.


See you on March 14th in Austin!


If you’re attending SXSW Interactive 2017, please stop by our Agile Carnival event, and learn more about Agile, Design Sprints and….Caipirinhas.


The Agile Carnival lounge is open from 9:00a.m. - 7:30p.m. and the first panel kicks off at 9:30 a.m. at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel, near the Austin Convention Center. In case you get lost, just follow the drummers and samba dancers to each of our one-hour sessions.

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